Thursday, December 10, 2009

$6.50 Christmas Trees

2 cones from dollar store

12 feet of garland from Hobby Lobby $6.99 @ 50% off


2/$1.99 Stars from Hobby Lobby  @ 50% off.

Hot glue gun.  The end.

They're kinda wacky and need haircuts...just perfect on my newly cleared off kitchen counter.  (Recognize the picture beside the trees?  You saw it here.)  I'm not crazy about the stars, even though in real life they are a perfect match to the garland and not orangey like in the picture.

I REALLY cleaned up our downstairs yesterday.  Can't wait to show you tomorrow!

Linded to Transformation Thursday and Living with Lindsay.


Room to Inspire said...

Great way to use those dollar store trees!


Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

very cute! I actually thought about this idea too but decided to go with a beaded garland for my dollar store trees, yours are adorable though:)

design_aholic said...

Hey, Looks like my silver tinsel trees! Goodness, we must be twins.