Friday, December 4, 2009

Husband Hijack

My wife made the mistake of leaving her blog up.  I am filling in for her at work, and I am taking full advantage of the situation.
No, I'm not interested in anything she's making.  I don't do crafts, and I hurt inside when I step over her in-progress projects on the floor.  They are like oil spills.  I'm fine as long as they don't touch me.

Looking at crafts is just as bad as reading about crafts.  Nothing, however, is more painful that crafting itself.

However, looking at my wife and reading about my wife is wonderful.

Your support of this blog is adored by my wife and greatly appreciated by me.  She puts a lot into this.  Thanks for reading.


Fairy Footprints said...

Oh wow I wonder what she will say when she returns lol?

Ya know what they say your suppose to be good, Santa is always watching.

Have a great weekend, funny post.



Rene said...

I think you guys like least a little. Thanks for that, my husband and I got a good chuckle. Have a wonderful weekend.

Kelly said...

How sweet and cute! wish my husband would take an interest in my blog:)

{ L } said...

This is AWESOME!! What an amazing marriage you two must share, such a blessing. I so loved reading this post. :)

design_aholic said...

That's so cute... And hysterical... I've never heard anyone compare getting close to a craft project as getting close to an oil spill. wow. Haha!