Saturday, December 19, 2009

Grab Some Confetti

If you don't have confetti handy, grab a handful of whatever's around and throw it up in the air.  It's a celebration!

My mom completed her Master's Degree last night!!!  She's been working really hard (really hard as in normal people do this degree in 2-3 years and she did it in less than 1 year) and deserves a big party!
Here she is with her diploma:

Just kidding!  That's not her diploma.  That's a picture from a family reunion we went to in September.  She got to hold the sign that said whose decedents we are so I doctored it up a bit.  Hehe.  (Hope you got a laugh out of that, Mom!)  Her degree from Liberty University will be much fancier than that!

We are all SO PROUD of you, Mom!!! 

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