Friday, December 11, 2009

Favorite Things Friday -- Christmas Ornaments

Welcome to Favorite Things Friday.  I like to take Fridays to look around my house and appreciate the things I have.  I seem to spend a lot of time in I-wish-I-had and so Fridays I take a step back and go to I'm-so-glad-I-have.

I could have gone CRAZY with today's topic, Christmas Ornaments.  But I will keep it short. 

Here's a little raspberry from my aunt.  She lives in NYC and brings me cool stuff.  She gave this to me two years ago for Christmas. 

This peacock was my grandmother's.  She always wanted us to hang it near the top of her tree, even though the rest of her tree always had a red and white theme.  Now I'm seeing peacocks and other birds on Christmas trees in all the cool magazines and blogs...can I just say that my grandmother started this trend?  Great.

My parents and my brother and his wife live in out of state, in different states.  We're sort of a spread-out family (to say the least).  Anyway, the last four Christmases all six of us have gotten together.  The first year everyone came to our house, then we went to Washington DC, then last year to Orlando to Disney World and this year they're all coming to our house again.  Anyway, I picked these Mickey Mouse Ears up last year while we were at Epcot.  I thought they were adorable!  I have another ornament that Courtney, my sister-in-law made for us from our Washington DC trip.  We'll have to come up with something to commemorate Christmas at our house this year.

What are your favorite Chrismtas ornaments?

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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

No WAY! That is just plain nuts! As Ruby would say, "We're fins!" (twins) :)