Friday, November 6, 2009

Favorite Things Friday II

As I was browsing my pictures for my second installment of Favorite Things Friday, I kept slowing down on the ones of my husband (probably because he's so easy on the eyes!).  Anyway, I decided to feature him since he's my ULTIMATE favorite!  And because it's my blog.

He's such a hard worker--here he is hard at work unpacking boxes for the bookstore!

But don't let him fool you--he knows how to have fun, too! 
Here he is chowing down on a funnel cake at the fair.

He is such an encourager, just like his dad was.  Here is the expression he used when I showed him my latest accomplishment.  What's that?  You think he looks like he's faking the enthusiasm?  Yes.  He was.  But he is happy for me when it really counts.  Good enough.

 Just because he fakes enthusiasm about my crafting doesn't mean he isn't happy when he goes to family reunions with me.  See how happy he looks here?

And SOMETIMES he brings me "just because" flowers.  He just loves me!

For more mush about Shane read this and this.

Who's YOUR favorite?

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