Friday, November 27, 2009

How I Spent Thanksgiving

We had a great D.O. yesterday (that's our code for day off).  Shane and I RARELY get a day off with absolutely nothing to do.  I think the last D.O. was Good Friday.  So here's a quick rundown of our day:

Slept in (but not as late as I thought we would...why does it always happen that on a day off you're ready to get up early?).

Watched part of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade while we ate breakfast (biscuits).

Moved things into Shane's new office and the new downstairs entry (and out of our den!).

Rambled around in our backyard (we have about an acre of woods behind our house).

Contemplated cutting down a tree from our backyard to use as a Christmas tree.

Almost burned the house down (I'll take the blame for this one, Shane had nothing to do with it).

Ate dinner here:

Watched Night at the Museum on tv.  (I worked on Christmas ornaments and made another book wreath while we watched.)

Hope your Thanksgiving was good.  Was it slow and lazy like ours or busy and rushed?

P.S.--In my head, this post has a much better title, I am witty and funny in my descriptions of our day, and there are more pictures.  In reality, I am too lazy busy to put the extra effort into it.

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Rambling Girl said...

Sounds like a nice day of just doing your own thing. We all need to do that.

I saw where your a Mercer am I. I just came upon your blog and was lurking around and then saw your in Georgia. Cool...not many I have met around me.