Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Like...Umm...

I feel a bit ashamed.  It is, after all, only November 12 and in the mid-70s here.  I just could help it!

Here's what I did last night:

Yes, those are Christmas decorations.  Right above the "Give Thanks" banner.  But I have a really good excuse.  My parents gave me some Jim Shore the first Christmas I was married.  They gave me Santa and his reindeer:

Then they gave me an angel:

And a snowman:

So here's my really good excuse for getting them out so early:  Last year they were NOWHERE to be found.  I looked all Christmas and into February, at least.  Then we found them during the summer camouflaged with some other cardboard boxes in a closet.  So I have been waiting (what I thought was patiently) to get them out this Christmas.  So last night I decided they could have a little extra time out, you know, to make up for lost time.  I also thought they would be okay because they aren't obnoxiously Christmas-y.  I know, it's Santa...what's more Christmas than Santa.  But it's not all glittery and shiny, they're subdued a little.

Now maybe I should have waited until I had my Thanksgiving banner up for a few days.  I gave the first one I made to my sister-in-law and just got mine up yesterday afternoon:

 Oh well.  It's my house and I can do what I want, right?  RIGHT?


Mandi said...

Hello! I found your blog and your Give Thanks banner is way cute!

If it makes you feel better, my Christmas decorations (tree and all!) went up on November 1st...Thanksgiving was completely skipped in my house. haha.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

RIGHT! I agree! (um, I'm doing the same thing!) Nothing wrong with getting the Christmas stuff out now. The season goes by way too quickly as it is!!


JanMary said...

Oh yes - get that Christmas stuff out early - too lovely to only have on display for a few weeks.

Thanks for sharing.

Abbey @ Practically Perfect said...

And yes, Santa SHOULD be behind the reindeer, not in front of them...I fixed that later.