Thursday, November 5, 2009

In the News!

If you're interested in seeing a local news story that features Gottwals Books as one of the best bargain shops around, click here.  We didn't even know they were doing it!  What a great Thursday morning surprise.  Just wished I'd smiled when he shot footage of me...I was trying to find something for a customer and concentrating.  And I wish she hadn't said that we sell used books at 60% the original price.  Totally not true.  I think the only ones we have that high are the Twilight books and that's cause they're so popular that we're ordering them new!  Most of our books are probably 60% OFF of original price or more.  However, I am SUPER excited about the free advertising and am not really complaining about anything said/seen/done on the clip!  (As a side note, Bennie, the computer business owner at the end of the story, is also a Mercer University grad.  Go Bears!)  Picture

In other news, ummm...what was my other news???  I have no idea what I was going to blog about today.  None.  Oh well--have you ever been on tv?

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