Thursday, October 15, 2009

Key Art

I'm going to try to work on a couple quick projects tonight.  (I'm fooling everyone into thinking I'm crafty, but the truth is I just try things out that I read about--check out the blogs I'm reading on the right!)

One involves my version of this post.  I new when I saw the keys I wanted to try it somehow.  I found 3 big keys today at an antique store for $10 (for all 3).  We had a couple old keys at home already, but they actually go to some furniture so I didn't want to use them.

Another project involves a piece of furniture I found at Hobby Lobby today for $24.95 (clearanced because it was broken--down from $119.99), bamboo sticks from Tuesday Morning for $4.99 and a wine box (or whatever those things are called) on sale at Pier One for $4.99...can you tell I made the rounds this morning?

In other news, Angela and Irwin are taking their new baby home today!  Her mom will be spending the weekend helping her out.  I can't wait to hold baby Ari again, she is just so precious!

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