Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I love Ikea.  I could spend a whole day in there.  Or a week.  But we don't have days and weeks to spare.  So I got an hour and fifteen minutes last night.  That's right--we drove longer one way to get up there than we had time to spend in the store.  But of course it was totally worth it. 

Shane wanted to look at shelving he'd seen online as a possibility for the new store in Macon (that is, POSSIBLE new store).  I wanted to look at pretty much everything else.  So we ended up loving the shelving (although we didn't get any since we don't know how much we need).  That was great.  Also great were a few finds.

This lantern for $6.99 (I got 2).

Six of these dvd cases.  Two for $4.99 because they're actually cardboard, although I think they look great and not very cardboardy at all.

I got some little square mirrors, too.  They are the exact same ones I bought about three years ago when Shane and I went up right after we got married.  I bought four the first time and always wished I'd gotten a few more so I could hang them along the staircase.  Four was just not enough.  So last night while we were there I saw they still had the exact same ones and got three more.  Perfect!

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