Monday, October 19, 2009


Sorry about the terrible background in this picture, but I do believe my photo quality is getting better, what do you think?

I got this beauty (the shelving unit with the scroll work--like I said, ignore the messy background) at Hobby Lobby.  Did I pay the retail $119.99?  No way.  Did I wait until their furniture was 30% off and pay $83.99?  NO WAY!  Did I get it way cheap because the middle two shelves are broken?  YES--I paid $24.95.  Yep...I know, you're so impressed!  I am so proud of myself I haven't even take off the price tag yet.  It'll be moving very soon to the downstairs entry whenever that gets done.  For now it's in the middle of our den.

I actually told you about this project a couple days ago.  The bamboo sticks (you can barely see them in the picture, but they're there) were $4.99 from Tuesday Morning, the wine box (aka the vase) was $4.99 at Pier One and the greenery was $8.50 at Hobby Lobby.  The welcome sign has been in our kitchen--I think my parents gave it to me, they probably got it for a quarter or less.  I'm not sure what to put on the top shelf.  I'm trying to be good and "shop my house" like all the pro bloggers are talking about doing for something to go up there.

In other news, here's the final picture of the key frames--Shane hung them up for me last night!  As soon as I took the picture I straightened the bows.

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