Monday, October 26, 2009

Jury Duty

So I had jury duty today.  Everything I knew about juries/trials I learned from John Grisham novels.  I believe Runaway Jury was the most educating (and also the first Grisham novel I ever read...actually, the grown-up first novel I ever read).  I'm grateful that I was in the first group questioned and didn't have to stay as long as everyone else.  I have to go back Friday for the actual trial.

In other news, I started my Christmas Ornament wreath.  It's not nearly as cute as the one pictured (Good Housekeeping) but we'll see how it looks in the end.  At least I found out that Dollar Tree has  ornaments that come in tubes--so I'm paying $0.10 an ornament or something.  So at least if it's super ugly not quite what I had in mind , I didn't spend much on it.  And in that case I'll use it as a gag gift or something.

I should have tackled the pine cone wreath first.

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