Monday, August 2, 2010

Recently Read

I just finished reading Impossible by Nancy Werlin.  I was drawn in by the cover (I love nothing more than a beautiful book cover!) and ended up loving the story.  I don't like true fantasy books, but I like books set in the real world with twists of fantasy in them, like this one.  Rather than write a full book summary or review, I linked the title to amazon (as I always do on my sidebar) so you can read about it there. 

Best of all, she has a new book, Extraordinary, coming out in September, and the cover's just as pretty! 

 Speaking of teen books I love, the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy--Mockingjay--comes out the 24th!  YES!   I've been waiting on this book for two years, since I read Hunger Games as an Advance Reader Copy before it came out--and didn't realize it was a series until the VERY end of the book!

What books are you looking forward to coming out?

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