Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Loot!

While I was up at my parents last week we hit several thrift stores--plus my mom had several things she'd picked up for me.  Nothing is better to me than when my mom says, "I have something I bought for you...at Goodwill!"

This is what I brought home with me!

My mom got these nesting baskets for me--they look pretty new.   They were free to me, I think my mom said she got them for $5.00.

 My mom apparently started hoarding lampshades--she picks them up here and there when they're a dollar or two and in new condition--when she found out I was buying lamps she gave me her stash!  I bought one of those little ones for $1.99.

 I found these plates at a Goodwill that sales wholesale--basically they have huge bins of stuff to go through and they sell by the pound.  Two green plates and three white plates = $2.00 total!

I got these six Oneida mugs for $0.50 each...I'm not sure how much they retailed for, but surely more than that!

This Target frame may not have been worth the $1.99 I paid for, but it called to me!

Big blue lamp=$4.99, small blue lamp=$1.00!  I think the little lamp looks kinda like the ones I got from TJ Maxx a few days ago.  That pink vase there at the bottom was $0.99.

I wasn't crazy about the lamp with the seashells inside, but I do like the glass lamp and I think I'll give the seashells to my mom...I paid $2.99 for it.  The little white lamp was $1.00 and the candlestick was $0.99...it's a nice heavy one, plus I got two other candlesticks for $1.99 each.  The green...planter? urn?...anyway, it's metal and I loved it and it was a total splurge at $5.00!

The lamp with the potpourri is totally ugly...but hopefully will be better when I de-potpourri it (don't worry, I won't give it to my mom!), it was $4.99.  The two brass swiveling lamps were $1.99 each and if they turn out like I hope they will, I may buy 100 more...seems like I found them everywhere!

Let's see...what did I miss?  The glass bowl, originally from IKEA,was another wholesale Goodwill find, it was probably $1.00 or less.

The miniature dresser was actually my grandpa's...it held Samantha's clothes when I was little (Samantha was is my American Girl doll)--and some of her things are still in there.  I found it when I was with my parents and claimed it again.  The green thing on top was a $1.99 find and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it but I really liked it.

So total that I spent was $34.92 (and a few more bucks on tax, of course).  I think I did pretty well on finding things I love--or will love, after a little work.  Plus, I have a while's worth of projects to work on!  If you're still with me here, you get a gold star!  I personally love seeing other people's finds and knowing how much they paid for thrift store finds!

What should I start with?

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