Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kitchen Update 7 {pictures of my refrigerator}

I cleaned off the outside of my refrigerator.  Amazing, right?  Well, actually it is!  Look at the difference:

Tell me that's not exciting!  No?  OK, fine.  Pictures of refrigerators are not interesting...I get it.  Let me just say that it makes a huge difference to have a cleaned off fridge. 

If you're like me, your refrigerator is another surface of your house filled with cultter!  I use(d) mine to put up pictures, memo pads, recipe planners, missionary prayer cards, coupons (mostly expired), birth announcements, Hebrew letters (yes, magnetic Hebrew letters...I'm awesome), the lock-up schedule for church...what else is on there?....oh yeah, my easy-peasy recipe for granola bars and my cheater-pants conversion chart (because who can ever rember how many ounces are in a pint and all that?).  Whew.  Exhausting just to think about!

I didn't want to throw everything away, so I took everything down.  I sorted through and made three stacks: things to keep on the refrigerator, things to keep somewhere else, and things to throw away.

On the left side of the fridge I put up cooking conversion chart, my granola recipe, etc.  I can see this side from the pantry and stove.  On the right side I put up the missionary prayer cards and other pictures I wanted to be able to see every day.  That's it.  So easy!  So exciting!...ok fine, it's still not exciting.

IN OTHER KITCHEN NEWS (if you're not asleep by now) I'm so close to finishing up.  I have to paint a few more doors and the drawers.  Hopefully sometime in the next week Shane will put the hardware on (I can't wait to show you the hardware I picked out!) and hang up the doors and we'll have a we-finally-finished-the-kitchen party! 

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Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

Not asleep--giggling and nodding in agreement---Yes! you are so awesome!