Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick New Look

This weekend, in about 10 minutes, Shane and I changed a few things in the den.  Here's the redone-not-too-long-ago before:

And the after-this-weekend:

I got some $1.50 letters at Hobby Lobby and Mod Podged some scrapbook paper to them.  I think I finished them in November--just hadn’t gotten around to hanging them up yet!

I moved the plates to the opposite wall and added a couple more.  Shane is such a great husband.  He put up the Gottwals and my plates.

I love that the plates filled in a bald spot on the wall but since they're white they keep it from looking overcrowded.

Here's a before shot...not too bad, just...bald.

A quick note about hanging plates...there are lots of different ways to do it, but we just went with classic plate hangers.  I wanted to be able to quickly and easily take the plates down for when we use them since these are the platters that go with my everyday dishes.  I got my hangers at Hobby Lobby and Walmart.

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