Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kitchen Curtains {Mistreatments}

I know you all thought I forgot I had a house.  And I almost did.  With everything going on at the stores I haven't spent a whole lot of time thinking about making my house nicer and cozier.  But this weekend, with my mother-in-law's help I got one project completed. 

Meet my new kitchen curtains.

The window over my kitchen sink faces our backyard--our pool, storage shed, and acre of woods.  I haven't had curtains up in that window in the three and a half years we've lived here.  Lately, though, I've needed something.  I didn't want to do long panels that covered up the whole window because I love the light that comes in.  So I did what I usually do...borrow ideas from lots of different places and make something that works for me.

I started out with a long panel I got from Target on clearance.  It was about $9.00 (for two...not sure what I'll do with the other one yet). It was much too big for my little window, but I knew my mother-in-law would cut and hem it for me (because she's awesome) and I could get two smaller panels out of it.  Perfect.  It had the loops at the top but I wanted to use clip-on rings so I just turned it upside down

I made my own stencil by printing a big "G" onto card stock and cutting it out with my Xacto knife.  I used just regular $0.97 paint from Hobby Lobby instead of getting fabric paint.  I used one of those little foam brushes that are $3.00 for 12 or something...I had them already.  Maybe not the proper way to do things but good enough from me (and cheap!).  I painted the first G on and then waited for the paint on my stencil to dry before I started the second one. 

Here's the completed stenciling.  Am I the only one that uses my coffee table for projects like this?

After a quick trim and hem, I clipped on the rings and hung them on a tension rod I picked up at a discount home furniture store here in town (I got the ring clips there, too).

They look a little naked at the bottom since I did the stencil so high, but I'm thinking someday I'll come up with something brilliant to do...or someone else will come up with something brilliant and I'll borrow that idea!

I finished up another project, too, and hope to get it hung up tonight to show you tomorrow! 

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Julia said...

you could get some wide ribbon that matches and either sew it, or hot glue it on the edge, or just slightly above the edge to make a little border. then your stencil wouldn't look too high! i think that they are great!