Friday, March 19, 2010

Office to be!

An office for me!  I've decided I need to use one of the back rooms of our bookstore as an office so I'm not doing all my paperwork at the front counter.  Here's a quick peak at the room now:
It's your typical used-to-be-a-bathroom/storage/stock/kitchen/break room mess.  There is a floor underneath all that, it's a not-so-lovely tile.  So first on my list is to get a rug down.  Hopefully that will add some comfort to a bathroom-turned-storage-mess room.  I have a desk at home I'm bringing so I'm hoping the rug will be my only big purchase.

Spent some time on today looking at rugs and found myself drawn to the black and white are my favorites.

I like this one because it's called Snow White...

This one is pretty and I like the ivory color instead of pure white

I love the bold print on this one!

This one is gorgeous.  Just over my price range, though.

This one is pretty, too.

This one is obviously not black and white, but I love it, too!
Option #6

So...what do you think?  Now that I've done this post I'm thinking maybe I should get a really colorful rug since the room's pretty blah and maybe having colorful rug will make me enjoy working more?  I don't know...


Julia said...

I like option 4, but since it's the most expensive, i'm not sure. Target has really cute rugs too! I'm sure you can find some good deal too.

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Carmie, the Single Nester said...

I like Option 5 and 6.