Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Week After Christmas

Time with my mom and dad, my brother Victor and sister-in-law Courtney, and my Aunt Ouida.  You know Shane and me. 

We had Christmas #2 once Victor and Courtney got into town Saturday night.  Here they are in their various stages of expectation.

Mom picked them up from the airport Saturday afternoon (Shane and I worked at our store Saturday) and they stopped by the Byron store on the way to our house.  Victor found a set of preaching books he liked but didn't buy them right then.  Mom told me as soon as they got home, and I caught Shane at the store just before he left to come home.  He brought the books and I got them wrapped up just before we opened gifts.

We all pitched in and got Dad the Star Trek Voyager complete series.

I made these for Victor and Courtney.  I made some for myself, too, so I'll show you those soon.

Victor used to do these electronic kits with our grandpa before he died.  I found a couple several months ago and couldn't wait to give them to Victor!

A snowball fight broke out soon after we finished opening presents.  I believe my mom started it.  (Check out that piece flying mid-air above the couch.)

Sunday we went to church together, in the morning to our church and then a Spanish church we work at (usually on Sunday nights, but we went to the morning service).  Sunday night Dad preached at our church and Victor and Courtney sang.  They are awesome!!!

We ALWAYS play Scrabble when we get together.  I think this was a game we played between morning and evening church.

We spent Sunday night-Tuesday afternoon in Savannah.  We mostly walked around the historic district.

We stood in line for a while (an hour? two? I lost count) to eat at The Wilkes Boardinghouse.  It was amazing!

The wait had made Victor mad, Courtney sad, and Shane apparently turned gangster.

We also ate at a gelato  (gellato?) place.  YUM!

Then Shane and I got a cheese platter at a little coffee shop. 


We got back home Tuesday evening.  Wednesday morning/lunch (time gets so confusing when you get to sleep in late!) we went bowling.  Here's the beginning of the third game.  I wish I'd quit right then while I was ahead!

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas/week after and certainly hope yours was great as well.  Now I need a week to recover and get back into my "normal" routine.


Julia said...

hey abbey! I found your blog after getting your Christmas Card and finding out that we share this hobby! I guess all is well with you, anytime you find the time to come to NC we'd love to have you visit!

Wendy said...

Looks like a wonderful time! Happy new year!