Thursday, January 7, 2010

Clean Fridge

I cleaned my refrigerator today.  I took out the shelves and scrubbed them down.  It was super easy and took me about an hour.  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and I are best buds now.  After I cleaned everything the food applauded.  The pickles were especially happy to have such a clean home.

Linked 01/08/10 to Design-Aholic for VOTW.


MarceJ said...

Mr. Clean Eraser is the BEST. said...

good job looks wonderfully clean

design_aholic said...

I'm applauding you too Abbey! Can you swing by my place, say, around 7? :) Thanks for linking up :)

Lauren said...

yay!!! go girl!!! what a great feeling. I need to get that magic eraser!! SO on our list!!!