Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dayspring Customized Signs

You know I LOVE The Nester.  So when she told us about Dayspring's new customizable signs you know I had to go over and play with them.

Like everyone else, I'm obsessed with seeing my name on everything.

And monogram

Or how about the last verse and chorus from my favorite hymn?


Looks like the signs are all $39.97 and customizable enough to be unique but not so customizable that you have to come up with a design completely on your own.  I like that.  I like being creative without necessarily having to be creative.


Wendy said...

Very cool! I will have to go over and check them out!!

Aunt Miriam said...

That's one of my favorite hymns too. Thanks for featuring my gifts so prominently in your blog. You'll have to come visit me and then do a photo-essay for your blog showing the things that you've given to ME over the years!