Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kitchen Organization Plan

I'm been reading up on the best way to organize kitchens and here's the best advice I've found.  It came from Real Simple's website:
  • Take inventory. Pull all items out of the cupboards and place on a large table. Put things into groups, creating a loose hierarchy based on how often you use the pieces.
  • Let usage dictate storage. Keep frequently used cookware immediately on hand. Stow things you use every now and then, like muffin tins and cookie sheets, in a less accessible cabinet. Move items you use only once a year, like the roasting pan for the turkey, out of the kitchen altogether.
  • Organize cupboards with access in mind. Position heavy things below the counters, lighter things above them. 
  • Organize items by type. Pots and pans should be grouped by kind and placed one inside the other, from smallest to largest. If you have room, it’s best to keep lids atop their pots or pans; otherwise, arrange them from smallest to largest and keep their partners close by. Put all the bowls in one cabinet and all the baking pans in another to ensure that you’ll always go to the right place
  • Put walls to work. Hang up racks or pegs to keep favorite utensils, pot holders, and dish towels in plain sight. 
They have a lot more tips in the article, these are just the ones that were more relevant to me.

I also found something to do with all my white pitchers!

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