Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Something in Common

It makes me so happy to have something in common with The Nester.  Even if it's just a few white plates on a wall.




Leslie, the Home Maker said...

I saw the Nester's post on her plates. Although it is cute, I really liked the shutters she had and that door, but she does like to changes things up and that's fun, too.
I personally like your plates better.
They are practically perfect :)
Blessings to you today!

Abbey @ Practically Perfect said...

Wow, you like mine better than Nester's??? I actually met her last year around Thanksgiving (we bought her piano) and got to see her house...and I can assure you in all it is WAY cuter than mine, I did love her shutters and the door! And EVERYTHING else!

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Well, okay, perhaps her house is cuter to you- but maybe your house would be cuter to her?
I do like your plates where they are because they are un-contrived.
I remember her saying (typing) that she had sold her piano!
Do you play?
(My daughter, Sarah, is a classical pianist).
Are you in or near Charlotte?
Did you read that she was having a party on the 15th?
I am actually thinking of going- I live 1 1/2 hrs. south of Charlotte.
Sorry it took me so long to reply to you- I didn't know you'd left me a message.
You can talk to me on my blog, too, if you like :)
Have a blessed weekend, Abbey!