Monday, August 10, 2009

New Schedule

Transition time again...

We're in the process (again) of getting used to a new schedule. Shane started teaching Thursday. He teaches from 8:00-9:45 and then drives out to Byron to open the bookstore by 10:30.

We are also training Hope and getting ready to say goodbye to Lyssa. Lyssa is working her last two weeks with us, as she will begin homeschooling her sons next month. Hope just moved down with her husband and two sons. Jeremiah is teaching with Shane at school and we are so blessed to have Hope with us at the store! She will be a great help. We will also be adding Kay to our staff shortly, she is finishing out her final week and a half at her current job now.

Tomorrow we will have our ribbon cutting for the new Byron store at 4:00. Victor and Courtney should be arriving via Groom Transportation from Atlanta in the early afternoon. I can't wait!

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