Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wowie, what a weekend!

We stayed up ALL night last night to get ready to open in Byron today! Jason and Gherry stayed up pretty late with us helping and then around 3:30 Mom and Dad showed up! They drove all night and stayed up with us pricing and sorting books.

This morning we opened up our second store in Byron and wow! We were slowish for about an hour and then people started pouring in! We've been selling a ton of Melissa and Doug stuff, too.

Right now I'm at our Warner Robins store--Lyssa had to go to a baby shower so I'll be here for a couple hours, until 4:00 or so, then back to Byron. From 4-6 Jackie K. Cooper will be signing books at our store so I'll be cool to meet him!

My heart is so full right now--I can't believe Mom and Dad drove all the way down just to be with us a few hours (and working, no less!), I can't believe Shane knows not only how to listen to God's prompting but also to realize the vision for the store from Him.

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