Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kitchen Update 3


The doors and drawers are a work in progress.  We still haven't touched the other side of the kitchen, but that's ok because I LOVE how this turned out!  Love it with a big hug and a kiss.


Julia said...

oh, i love it!! if you do put doors up you could do a glass front door, i think i saw on HGTV once where they took the existing cabinet doors and routed out the inside panel (not sure if you have the tool for that, or every where to begin with how to do that) and then they put plexi glass in the hole. It was really cute and i'm thinking cheaper than getting new doors.

I love the contact paper on the bottom of the shelves too!! I think you could do the whole kitchen and it look great!!

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Oh so pretty!!
You have been working hard!
You could also put 2 large baskets (one on each side) above the refrigerator?
Are you so happy to come into the kitchen every morning now?