Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chalkboard {at last}!

I finally joined the millions and made a chalkboard for our house. 

I made it out of a picture frame we inherited (a fancy word for...nobody else in the family wanted it) and a piece of wood we had sitting around our house from who-knows-what.  The wood just happened to be the right width for the frame and my dear husband cut the length down just a hair for me.

The kitchen part is a hopeful future prediction...we have one side primed and painted with the first coat...

Here's a before of the and pretty ugly, but I loved the green ribbon around the center and the details.

Nothing a can of $0.97 Lowe's spray paint couldn't handle.

1 comment:

April W Gardner said...

How do you find time for these wonderfully crafty things? I should hang around you more often. ;)