Friday, February 26, 2010

$5 Challenge and a Thank You

I'll joining up with Living with Lindsay and the tons of bloggers who read her every day for The Five Dollar Challenge.

Basically you just go to The Dollar Store and buy 5 items for $1.00 each. Then you make something.  Easy peasy.  I know several of you who read my blog (thanks!) and are crafty but don't have blogs of your own (although you should!) might like to do this.  So if you do you can send me pictures of what you make and I'll put you on here and then link to Lindsay's blog on March 25th.  You can also send them directly to her.  Make sure to take lots of pictures all along the way since you'll be doing a tutorial (as in, showing other people how to do it).  Just click here for all the information.

I also want to say thanks to a couple of things that have changed my life this winter. 

Ok...maybe this has not changed my LIFE, but it has definitely changed my hair.  NO STATIC!!!  That's something I get excited about.  Plus it comes in a pump, plus it smells good.  It's a win-win-win.
And no chapped lips.  This stuff works like a charm.  No more dry-lip misery. 
I still need something for my incredibly dry hands...any suggestions?  Are you going to do Lindsay's $5.00 challenge?


Julia said...

i too love Aussie shampoo/ conditioner, i love the one that is for combination hair, part too greasy, part too frizzy, it makes my hair look great!

Anonymous said...

For hands, I like Avon Moisture Therapy.